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Spillways P-EVM chain

Spillways DAO

Use your Spillways governance tokens to shape the next chapter of Spillways. Our DAO autonomously handles the voting process to make all decisions fair and democratized.

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Spillways P-EVM chain

Anonymous transactions

Your money is your business. Hide your trace and enhance your privacy.

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Spillways P-EVM chain

Like clockwork

Spillways relies on a multitude of technologies that work harmoniously in tandem to bring unique services to users by keeping privacy and security at the forefront.

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Enhancing privacy with
DeFi innovation.


Built with security and privacy in mind, SpillWays has implemented a highly secure Ethereum Layer 2 that allows for fast and private transactions. With this Layer 2 solution, SpillWays can provide faster transaction times and reduced fees for its users. SpillWays Chain is designed with privacy as a top priority, making it the perfect choice for anyone who values anonymity and security in their financial transactions. By leveraging the power of this Layer 2 solution, SpillWays has created a platform that is both efficient and highly secure.

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Spillways Card

To provide users with an easy way to spend their cryptocurrency at millions of merchants worldwide, SpillWays offers a Visa virtual card service. The card can be easily loaded with funds from the user's SpillWays account, allowing them to convert their crypto into fiat currency for everyday purchases. With this Visa virtual card, SpillWays is providing a seamless and convenient solution for anyone who wants to use their crypto for everyday transactions without the need to convert it to fiat currency. This service allows users to easily integrate their crypto with traditional finance, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to tap into the world of cryptocurrency.

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At the forefront of the latest technological developments in cryptography, SpillWays has implemented an innovative cryptographic mixer that uses zk-proofs to provide the highest level of anonymity for its users. By breaking down deposits into smaller units and randomly distributing them among other users, the mixer effectively obfuscates the identity of users participating in transactions on the SpillWays platform. This mixer offers an unparalleled level of privacy for its users, and with its improvements over the popular Tornado Cash mixer, SpillWays is setting the standard for secure cryptocurrency transactions. On top of that, the implementation of PoI (Proof of Innocence) ensures that dirty funds entering the ecosystem is heavily lowered.

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In order to ensure that the community has a say in the direction of the project, SpillWays has established a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Through this democratic governance structure, users can vote on proposals and contribute to the development of the platform. This innovative approach allows SpillWays to remain fully decentralized and offer a mechanism for users to actively participate in the project's success. With its DAO, SpillWays provides a unique way for users to be part of a community that values their input and opinion.

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Why Spillways ?

Privacy, Efficiency, Speed.

Our mixer enables fast, secure, and private transactions in crypto by obscuring
the source and destination of funds.

Instant Transfers

Instant transfer through Spillways allows for quick and efficient movement of funds while maintaining privacy and security.


Mixer facilitate secure transfer of funds by making transactions untraceable, protecting user financial information from potential threats.


Spillways enables private transactions by obscuring the source and destination of funds, safeguarding financial information from unwanted surveillance.

Ethereum Compatible

The use of an Ethereum-compatible mixer ensures confidential and secure transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, protecting sensitive financial data from potential threats.

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Q4 2022
SpillWays Visa Virtual Card ✅
Deployment of the DAO Platform ✅
Deployment of the MasterCard support ✅
Q1 2023
SpillWays Bridge ✅
USDC Staking Contract ✅
Integration USDC into our ETH mixer ✅
Official registration ✅
Q2 2023
SpillWays Wallet alpha ✅
SpillWays Explorer ✅
Compliance trough PoI (Proof of Innocence) ✅
Spillways p(EVM) Testnet ✅
Q3 2023
Deployment of dApps on the p(EVM) 🚧
Visibility partnerships & Marketing operations 🚧
SpillWays Ghost 🚧
Q4 2023
Deployment of the Cross-Chain Mixer
Release of SpillWays Spiral
Deployment of the Escrow Platform
Q1 2024
SpillWays p(USD) alpha
SpillWays Wallet operational
Spillways p(EVM) Mainnet

A fully decentralized protocol for private transactions on Ethereum.

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